How to Superscript or Subscript

I’ve been banging my head over this for a long time now.  How do I superscript a word like square feet shown as ft2?

Or perhaps I want to write Water as H2O? This is how…

It boils down to the use of the < sub >character< / sub > or the < sup > character < / sup > tags. (remove the spaces inside the tags.) What’s really frustrating is that with some online comment forums that claim to support HTML tags, these do NOT work. (Disqus is one of the major culprits here as some tags will work on that platform while others do not. The only way to find out is to go to the trouble of trying, then having to go back and edit a post when you end up with a “this is my < bold >COMMENT< / b > (if I removed the tags I would end up with “this is my COMMENT) (And I used bold just as an example; it DOES work on the Disqus platform while some of the lesser known tags do not. Frustrating…

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